The Healing of America – Blog Post I

The healthcare of the fellow American people has been one of the most monumental topics in today’s day and age. With republicans, including our very own President Donald Trump, working on repealing one of the biggest accomplishments of former president Barack Obama, I thought it would be a great topic that I immersed into. This resulted in me further reading no other than a New York Times bestseller, The Healing of America: A Global Quest for Better, Cheaper, and Fairer Health Care” by T.R. Reid.

The American healthcare system is a very controversial policy that has come in almost every election the modern age. Whether it was Bernie Sanders who called for “Medicare for All: Leaving No One Behind”, further picking up where former president Obama left off, or president Trump who wants to completely repeal Obamacare.

I chose to start my first blog when I read at about half way into the book. That way, I have a very clear idea about the author and his direction of this book. So far this book has been very interesting. Author T.D. Reid has done a remarkable job comparing other countries by not only studying about them but actually visiting those countries.

As I started to read further and further into the book it reminded me of a documentary that I watched in 8th grade high school called “Sicko” by Michael Moore. It was about Moore visiting different countries around the world and interviewing patients to help get a better understanding of their healthcare system and further comparing it to the American health care. I decided I was going to watch that film again upon completion of this book. So in that note, stay tuned for the second blog where I will be discussing this book in depth.

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